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REAL ideas to cook with edible flowers

REAL ideas to cook with edible flowers

Every day we are more surprised to see all the wonderful things that can be done with edible flowers. As we usually say in Innoflower, leaving the imagination and creativity come out can have incredible results in the kitchen. Clear example of this are the thousands of recipes, images and creations that we see every day on social networks.

The natural environment of the flowers is the field, but who said that we can only see them there? It is increasingly normal to find them in a restaurant menu or on a birthday cake. The thousands of food lovers have seen the wide range of possibilities offered by edible flowers in gastronomy and have dared to use them in their


Many are those who use edible flowers to surprise and brighten the recipes. In our social networks we find thousands of examples of the beautiful things that can be done with flowers, and we believe that it is time to show it to the world.


If you have a catering company or an event at home (communion, wedding, baptism …) and want to do something different, here are several ideas to be able to surprise with edible flowers. From the hand of @dulceycia you can see the things that can be created for a special occasion.

Tarta dulceycia

Catering Dulceycia












Postres dulce y cia

The flowers bring that sophisticated and special touch. Choosing the most appropriate, we can get our guests to leave with an unforgettable memory. Like this user (@dieg_or) who with some rose petals managed to give “that” touch to some meringues. Which by the way, we are sure theu are delicious!

Merengues con pétalos de rosa

Other ideas that we find wonderful to use edible flowers in, are salads. It is a dish that never disappoints and that with a few flowers, we can create unique experiences. And who does not fancy a salad like these?

ensalada de aguacate con flores comestibles ensalada de arroz con flores comestibles

The edible flowers make the difference, we are sure of that. And who also has the same conviction is our dear friend @malu_safont_molinero, who has always opted for our flowers. She assures that whenever she has guests at home, she takes the opportunity to get her best version among the kitchen and to leave them with their mouth open, our flowers are the best weapon she has.

hummus con pensamiento miniCrema de chocolate con viola

In Innoflower we are as convinced of the impact as a gastronomic experience using edible flowers, that we also use them in special occasions. You can do wonderful things with flowers, like these Vietnamese rolls with mini-pansies (viola).

Rollitos vietnamita con flores comestibles

And as a culmination to this round of ideas for cooking with edible flowers, an award-winning. In “Dar la Lata” restaurant, they know how to leave the diners K.O. and they threw themselves into trying new things like a colour splash. How? Using our mixed of petals. A more than successful idea because with this fantastic cover, they managed to win the first prize of “The best tapa de Zaragoza”. Don’t you think it’s wonderful?

Bonito de primavera con mix de pétalos

If you have ideas like these and you want us to name you in future posts, we invite you to leave us your photos through social networks. You can tag us on our Instagram. (@InnoflowerWorld)

Suscríbete a nuestra Newsletter y entérate de todas las noticias sobre las flores comestibles: recetas, datos de interés, ofertas...

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