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THE PEPPER KILLER | Carolina Reaper, most spicy in the world


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Carolina Reaper

The Carolina reaper pepper or Capsicum chinense is a mix between the habanero pepper and Naga Bhut Jolokia. This type of pepper is considered one of the hottest, although due to its size, it may not seem so. It is orange-red in color and has a rather peculiar shape.


In 2013, the Carolina reaper pepper was listed as the hottest in the world. In fact, it is the first on the Scoville scale that has between 1,500,000 and 2,200,000 SHU. We are therefore obliged to warn you that its itching is so intense that it is recommended to consume it in small quantities. Its taste could be described as “a fruity flavor with the first bite, very sweet even, to later turn into molten lava”. This pepper is only suitable for lovers of emotions and strong flavors.



The heat of this pepper is so strong that it is recommended to use it in preparations that counteract this scorching effect. For example, in a béchamel sauce or in a cream. Another widespread use of Carolina reaper is to marinate it in oil to use it as a seasoning for other types of elaborations. Whether with red meat, hamburgers, sauces… etc. Of course, it is the perfect ingredient to create your own pure Mexican style red sauce and thus, be able to add it in burritos and / or fajitas.

Properties and benefits

This pepper has been shown to be high in capsaicin, giving it anti-inflammatory properties and causing the body to release endorphins to counteract perceived pain, known as the “chili high.” It also has antioxidant properties, which prevents joint problems. It also helps to lose as it accelerates the metabolism by the production of heat in the body.


The pepper killer

  • Pairing: meat, oil, creams and / or sauces.
  • Served in micro-perforated trays, guaranteeing the preservation of the flowers at a suitable temperature (3º-6º).
  • Contains 5 peppers per tray.
  • Preferential consumption date: 15 days from collection.
  • Orders from Monday to Thursday are sent in 24 hours as long as the order is placed before 11 in the morning. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will leave our facilities on Monday.