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Hibiscus flower |


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Hibiscus flower (in syrup)
The hibiscus flower or also Hibiscus Sabdariffa of the Malvaceae family. It is red or garnet, with conical shape formed with 5 petals. The hibiscus flower has a high content of organic acids, including citric, malic and tartaric. The best way to consume this type of flower is in syrup, although it can also be consumed as an infusion.

The flower of hibiscus in syrup has a sweet and fruity taste with acid notes. This edible flower is used for cocktails, as for example in a glass of champagne, champagne or a sparkling wine. In addition, for the fruity flavor can be used in all kinds of desserts since the flavor that gives power to the sweet of the preparation.

Other products with which we can combine the hibiscus flower is with all kinds of cheeses and with all kinds of poultry (chicken, quail …) as well as by-products like foie. This flower brings a contrast of flavors that impacts the palate creating a unique dining experience.

Medicinal properties
This flower is attributed diuretic, anti-hypertensive, antiparasitic and even laxative properties. The most common way to consume the hibiscus flower to treat diseases is infusion, which is called Jamaica tea. By consuming this infusion we can avoid hypertension problems, lower cholesterol, improve liver function due to antioxidants (anthocyanins) or to prevent diseases typical of winter.

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Pairing: cheeses, poultry (meats and by-products – foie-), cocktails and desserts.
They are served in microperforated trays, guaranteeing the preservation of flowers at a suitable temperature (4º-6º).
Customizations will be budgeted through email ( and in advance.
2 formats: Jar with 11 flowers and Jar with 50 flowers.
Preferential use date: Jars with 11 flowers expire in August 2019 / Jars 50 flowers expire in December 2021.
Orders from Monday to Thursday are sent in 24 hours as long as the order is placed before 11 in the morning. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday, will leave our facilities on Monday.

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11 flowers, 50 flowers