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Frecuently asked questions about edible flowers

In Innoflower we want you to know all about us, so we have put together for you the most asked questions about our edible flowers.

How long do the fresh edible flowers last?

It depends in the species, the can last up to 8 and 10 days. There are species more sensible like the lobelia, wild mustard or borage, etc… that last less, about 3 and 5 days. All of it will depend in the storage method


How should fresh flowers be stored?

The fresh flowers trays must be keep in a temperature between 4º and 6º. They can easily go in our fridge at home.


What are the flowers BBD (Best Before Date)?

Fresh flowers can last from 5 to 15 days, depending in the species.

Crystalized flowers, at a room temperature, can last for about a year.

The flower infusion (Dried flowers) can last 2 years.

Lyophilized flowers are a non-perishable product, but the estimated BBD is of 2 years.



Deliveries are made from Monday to Thursday. In case of needing the products urgently, deliveries can be made on Saturdays or with an express delivery with an extra charge and making the order via email to: indicating this requirement.

To guarantee that the product arrives fresh to it’s destination, orders must be placed before 11:00 am. If orders are placed later, the delivery will take place the next working day.

The delivery is made throw different transport companies, depending in the type of product. The fresh flowers are sent with a cold temperature service and we guaranty a delivery before 13:30 pm of the next working day.


Which is the crystalizing process?

Once our flowers are collected, we wash them carefully. Later we introduce them in a mixture composed of water, jelly, egg white and natural flavour. When they are removed, they are sprinkled with sugar and put in the oven to crystallize at a low temperature for 4 days. It is a craft process and very laborious.


Can you eat all the flowers? Are all the flowers edible?

No, and this is very important. You must keep in mind that some flowers are toxic, and others are mortal. Therefore, when it comes to eating them, it is advisable to identify them and know the origin of the crop, making sure that its provenance is reliable.


Where are the flowers sold?

Our products are focused on the foods services. Likewise, we also go to specialized stores and pastry shops.

We have presence in large markets such as Makro, Mercamadrid, Mercabarna… We also have several distributors located in different parts of Spain, such as Murcia, San Sebastian or Ibiza.

If you have any doubts or consultations, do not hesitate to contact us at