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Are the natural flowers really edible?

Mango Cheese cake with edible flowers

Are the natural flowers really edible?


Now our days we have lost of restaurants, menus, food pictures and chefs that use flowers:

The real question we all ask our self is:

Are they just to decorate the dish or can you really eat this beautifull edible flowers?

The answer is YES!!

Many flowers not only look pretty, they also provide nutrients, they have medicinal propieties and they also give nice and original flavours. Edible flowers can give particular tastes like spicy, sweet, sour, fresh…Full of colours the edible flowers are the perfect allies to surprise and cautivate the attention of your guest or diners. In Innoflower we want you to be creative and flower-up all your dishes and drinks, we are sure that with our wide range of flowers you have a big variety of edible flowers to start with. The limit is your creativity.

Photo: Mango Cheese cake with edible flowers (Pansies – Viola Cornuta)

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