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Committed to quality

Our wide range of flowers and our logistic service are the ones that make us the most valued company in our market


Innoflower is a company created in 2015 in which its members have an extensive trajectory in the growth and distribution of fresh and elaborated edible flowers.

We grow, pack and sell edible flowers in a responsible way and we encourage and promote the labor integration of disable and people at risk of social encourage. Because who makes it and how is made, it’s as important as the quality of the made product. For that reason, part of a process is made in collaboration with social entities like Fundación Rey Ardid (“Rey Ardid Foundation”).

Our wide range of flowers and our logistic service are the ones that make us the most valued company in our market. Fresh flower are commercialized though our parner brand, Montañita, and crystalized flowers are commercialized through our subsidiary Flores en la mesa (“Flowers on the table”).

Commited to quality

In Innoflower we promote the labor integration of people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. Because we think that who does things and how they do them is as important as the quality of the product created.

For this reason, part of our cycle, from collection to packing, is carried out through collaborations with social entities, specifically with the Rey Ardid Foundation.

Our flowers comply with current regulations in Spanish legislation in the food safety section. We have our own workshop, which has all the hygienic-sanitary characteristics for flower selection, processing and final packaging. All our crops are on farms with ecological certification and the flowers are grown under ecological and integral farming premises.

More than 50 different varieties throw-out the year

Our own facilities and workshop

Available 52 weeks/year


The Innoflower’s fields are committed to the sustainability and quality of our edible flowers. There are currently 3 fields (Aflorita, Alfranca and Borobia) in which we grow species of edible flower for our catalog. Two of them are located in Zaragoza and another in Soria.

The field of Aflorita is the field that hosts the most species throughout the year. Here we cultivate the species that require more special care: arugula, moricandia (violet cabbage), carnation (pink)…

Afranca is a field with a social soul, belongs to the Rey Ardid Foundation. Boys and girls with difficulty in entering the labor market take care day after day of our edible flowers. The most spoiled and cared for species of this greenhouse are mini pansies, alyssum or violas. In addition, these flowers are also packed by Rey Ardid Foundation’s workshop.

Borobia field is reserved for the coldest flowers in our catalogue. The greenhouse located in a village of Soria has the best temperature and environment conditions for the cultivation of mini pansies during the 365 days of the year.