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Specialists in edible flowers. Fresh, crystalized, liophilized and dehydrated, edible flowers are perfect to decorate and surprise. THEY TASTE GREAT!

Crystallized edible flowers

Delicate natural candied edible flowers, handmade with lots of love and passion. Mini pansies, rose petals, peppermint sprouts... crystallized with sugar. Perfect for an unique moment. They taste great!

Fresh edible flowers

Flowers nowadays are not only used to decorate. You can also eat them. But be careful, not all the flowers are edible and you must know their origin. Discover the edible flowers that we offer.

Flower delicacies

We propose a different gift for all you special events. You will surprise not only visually but also through taste. We have different layouts and colors, and they are 100% customizable and original.

Flowers jump from the garden to the table

There are many edible flowers.

They are healthy, colourful and fun. Delight yourself to fancy something different. Treat yourself with something new. Make your everyday dinners and desserts funnier. Use them as part of your salad or with your favorite ice-cream. Flowers are not only used to decorate; now you can also eat them. This is possible thanks to companies like Innoflower, pioneers in the north of Spain to grow and distribute edible flowers.

And now, you can also buy them.